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    Working Hour

    • 8:00-10:00
    • 8:00-10:00
    • 8:00-10:00
    • 8:00-10:00
    • 8:00-10:00
    • 8:00-10:00
    • 8:00-10:00


    Our department is equipped to handle the broad and comprehensive spectrum of illnesses that affect adults,  treatment of chronic illness, and in health promotion and disease prevention. We are not limited to one type of medical problem or organ system.  equipped to deal with whatever problem a patient brings—no matter how common or rare, or how simple or complex.


    • Management of type 1 & type 2 DM
    • Management of diabetic complications
    • Thyroid diseases
    • Bronchial asthma management
    • Chest infections
    • Chronic liver diseases
    • Inflammatory bowel diseases
    • Pancreatic diseases
    • Medical management of chronic diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome, lipid disorders
    • Common ailments like sore throat, colds and flu, headaches, ear infections, urinary tract infections,  allergies and hepatitis
    • Hypertension and Cardiovascular Diseases 
    • Blood diseases (Anemia & thrombocytopenia)
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